The winning application is eligible for $750.00 to attend one of the two USAR National tournaments: National Doubles in Tempe, Arizona (February) and/or USAR National Singles Championships in (TBA) (May).

The deadline for submissions is December 5 of the current year with the recipient announcement on or before January 8 of the following year.

The recipient of the NCRA adult racquetball grant:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a citizen of the United States and a current NCRA member.
  • Must submit an application and an essay no longer than 500 words ( see essay topic below)
  • Must sign a NCRA Racquetball liability waiver as well as a release for use of his/her likeness in publications at NCRA Racquetball’s discretion.
  • Must write a short bio to be placed on the state website.
  • Must accept these terms and conditions in a signed agreement
  • Must show proof of entry in order to receive grant money
  • Will receive $750.00 to cover tournament expenses

**If the winning recipient is not able to attend either of the two USAR tournaments then the grant money will defer to the runner up.

The essay and application becomes the property of NCRA and will not be returned. The NCRA Board will make the final determination as to who will receive the grant. Any misrepresentation or inaccuracy of any provided information renders this application null and void.

Essay Topic: How I have promoted racquetball in the state of North Carolina and what my future plans are for promoting racquetball in the state of North Carolina. (500 words or less).

Note: The Adult Grant winning recipient will not be eligible again for a span of 7 calendar years. Additionally, NCRA Board Members are not eligible for the Adult Grant.

Please fill out and submit the form below to apply for the Adult Grant.

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