Current NCRA State Ranking Guidelines:

The NCRA has adopted the national rankings system to use within our own state. This is the current ranking guideline for North Carolina. The USAR have different guidelines level numbers that you will need to follow if you are attending a regional or national event. Please see the move up document to see when you automatically have to move up due to the number of wins in your current level of play.

All tournament directors reserve the right to move a player up in the interest of fair play.

Men’s Skill Division                                              Women’s Skill Division

Open                   1-20                                            Open/Elite               1-10

Elite                    21-40                                          A                              11-20

A                         41-80                                          B                              21-30

B                         81-100                                        C/D                           31+

C                         101-160

D                         161 +