Eric New, Debbie Bryant

Eric New, Debbie Bryant


2018 USAR National Singles
Pleasanton, CA
May 23-27, 2018

Eric New and Debbie Bryant were awarded the State President's Award at the USAR National Awards ceremony held at National Singles this year. Eric is the new NCRA President and Debbie is the outgoing President having served the NCRA for the last ten years. They have worked closely over the years so the USAR decided they would give them both the award as co-recipients. Congratulations to Debbie and Eric for winning this award for the state, and all their hard work for the NCRA.

NC Players winning at the National Singles:

Brent Walters - Gold Men's 35+
Debbie Bryant - Gold Women's Elite/A Doubles
Eric New - Gold  Men's Heroes 40/50+
Mildred Gwinn - Gold Women's 75+