NCRA Players Pledge of Conduct


          As a member in good standing of the NCRA, I understand that I am responsible to the governing body for the sport of racquetball in the state of North Carolina and therefore:

          I pledge to abide by the current NCRA rules.

         I pledge to act and play in a sportsmanlike manner at all times before, during and after any NCRA sanctioned event.

          I pledge to participate in the level of play for which I am qualified.

      I pledge to respect the property of the host facilities as well as the property of any individuals, sponsors or others associated with any NCRA event.

        I understand that a referee, tournament director, and/or the designated rules committee may forfeit me or disqualify me from a tournament in accordance with the NCRA rules. I also understand the right to appeal such rulings as follows:

      Tournament Director (verbal)

       Tournament Rules Committee (verbal)

       NCRA State Board of Directors (written)

       National USAR Board of Directors (written)

          And that for any forfeiture, default, disqualification, or written complaint from a member for unsportsmanlike behavior that is brought before the NCRA Board of Directors for consideration, and after review of the facts and the interview of witnesses is deemed valid by a majority vote of the Board, I understand that a first offense will lead to denial of participation in any NCRA event for up to 5 months. A second offense will lead to denial of participation in any NCRA sanctioned event for up to one year; and a third offense will lead to a lifetime ban from participating in any NCRA sanctioned event.

       Profanity, court abuse, referee disrespect, disregard of the rules and/or unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated in any NCRA sanctioned event, by players, parents, spectators or others as provided in the official USAR rule book.

       All such rulings of the NCRA Board of Directors shall be reported to the national USAR Board of Directors.