Scholarship and Grant Programs


The NCRA scholarship program was created to provide funds to deserving students that are involved in the sport of racquetball. These funds are restricted to this use. Each scholarship will normally be in the amount of five hundred dollars. Scholarships will be limited to four per year according to availability of funds. These funds may be used by the student as set forth in the application package. It is not mandatory that all scholarships be awarded each year. Scholarships may be carried over yearly and at some point may be used to set up an educational endowment if sufficient funds are available. All decisions as to who receives scholarships each year will be based upon a majority vote of the NCRA Board of Directors. A scholarship committee consisting of three members appointed by the NCRA Board will make recommendations to the Board. Scholarship applications must be submitted by June 15 preceding the beginning of the school year.  Scholarships will be awarded on August 1st of each year.


The NCRA Junior Player Grant program was created to supply funds for one deserving junior player with chaperone to attend the Junior World or Junior National Racquetball Championships each year. Five hundred dollars will be available to be awarded to the player who has completed the application process and shown through his/her ability and hard work to be deserving of the chance to attend their choice of these two tournaments. The fund will also supply money for up to two junior players to attend an accredited and approved racquetball camp each year. These grants will be in the amount of the actual cost of attending but in no case may exceed five hundred dollars each. It is not mandatory that all these funds be awarded each year. These funds are restricted to this use. Funds will be made available to the junior player two months prior to the time of the event. Grant applications must be submitted five months prior to the event. All decisions as to who receives grants each year will be based upon a majority vote of the NCRA Board of Directors. The same members that make up the scholarship committee can also make up the Grant committee.


Thank you for considering applying for a North Carolina Racquetball Association Educational Scholarship or Junior Player Grant. Read over the following information.

Are you currently enrolled, or have you been accepted to an institution of higher learning?
Are you now, or will you be a full-time student?
Are you a student in good standing? (Not on any kind of academic or behavioral probation?)
Is your USRA membership current and has it been current for the last year?

This is your first step towards fulfilling an application process. If you answered yes to all of the questions above we invite you to apply for a scholarship or grant from the NCRA. If you answered yes to questions 2 thru 4 you may apply for a grant from the NCRA. You may do so by contacting the NCRA office by phone, mail, or email at the addresses listed below. Thank you for your interest in the NCRA Scholarship or Grant Program.

If you are interested in applying fill out the form below and you will be sent an application.

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